i found these at the mall. on sale. for real money.



But is it still a misdemeanor if it’s dogs?

that lady can sure fit a lot of pugs in her bag

Anthony Mackie + fanny packs


Moon Phases | Nail Art


mario party more like if you steal one more of my stars i’ll fucking murder you


danny dorito


danny dorito


if you think I am too old to participate the fuck out of an imaginary activity like giving my new plush toy a bubble bath with my niece you are dead wrong


Here’s Build-a-Bear Rarity!

I didn’t think they would actually go ahead and make Rarity (or Applejack, who is reportedly coming out in the summer) so imagine my surprise when somebody found her promo photo buried in BABW’s image database.

The only other BABW pony I have is Fluttershy and I found that compared to her, Rarity’s legs are shorter and stubbier. That could just be mine though.

I still need to get her Gala dress but in the meantime her she is in a Hello Kitty robe! I haven’t undone her hair yet (I haven’t undone Fluttershy’s either and I’ve had her since December) since I know how quickly their hair goes frizzy so I can’t review it.


JESS U KNO MY MONSTER HIGH SECRET ur not allowed to like that post, ur an accomplice to that crime

Is it a secret that we share? Bc if not idk what you’re talking about.


who am i

puggalo ilu too bby. Being here isn’t really a “good choice” buuut oh well. I’ll explain in full on teen woof Tuesday :)

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