puggalo the actual physical didn’t take too long. I waited forever between them drawing blood and actually doin the exam though. Just me in an exam room alone. I was about to lose my shit

Dang u know all it would have took to get me to stay would have been you saying “don’t go” and I woulda just been like “okay” and I woulda stayed the night.


horny sad n drunk loser cant Rticulate words pls kiss me lots thanks n advance

bby I literally just posted basically this exact same thing. Idk why I left. I shoulda stayed with you and now I’m sad n alone

3 bevs and I still went home. Now I’m in a cold bed all alone when I coulda been in a warm bed, cuddled with a mega cutie (beev). Why did I leeeeeeave? Someone solve this mystery

I can only hope! Right now I feel like I literally either go to work or lay in bed, nothing else. I need to get out or go tanning (but cancer) or something.


Literally SOBBING

multiples of five!!

5. color

right now? pastel anything.

10. Quote

“Always be a first rate version of yourself instead of a second rate version of somebody else.” -Judy Garland

or a more fun one: “you got the right to suck my dick motherfucker” - 21 Jump Street

15. Clothing Store

probably H&M ;)

20. Food

you can’t go wrong with pizza n sushi… and apparently i’m a walking episode of teen wolf now.

25. Band

at the moment? Arctic Monkeys

30. Artist

oh god. here’s another “at the moment”. josep mirabent

Omg you’re a genius this is why we’re best friends. Pudding. Alcohol. Cake batter. I’m gonna put everything in this.

its got that cool squeezy contraption so i wont wanna rip my hands off using a makeshift pastry bag! hopefully it works.

puggalo replied to your post “definitely just ordered a macaron baking sheet/special squeeze…”

o hell yeah

i figured you’d be down for that! I wanna make my way through the entire book. even the ones with the weird-ass ingredients.

puggalo replied to your post“Today was the second time in the last 30 days that I’ve experienced…”
gross im sorry hon!! experiencing once must be bad i hope this is the last of it??
this time wasn’t as bad as the first time thankfully. idk i hope this is it and that today it just happened bc of whatever cold/flu im dealing with idk


 every fandom has that thing that they don’t talk about and i think this is the spn fandom’s


Ah thanks bby! If everything goes according to plan, you’ll hear the full story when we watch Teen Wolf on Wednesday




It’s with a bug hospital here in town and the guy didn’t say which position it was for and I didn’t ask bc I’ve applied for dozens with them in the past week.

Fuck. I meant big. But now I wanna work at a bug hospital

"the bugs are the patients" "oh that makes sense"

Thank you Gooby :)

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