Sebastian Stan at the Captain America: The Winter Soldier London Premiere x

It’s 2:20 in the morning and I just woke up shivering and shaking and drenched in sweat. Took temperature, it’s 101.9. Idk if I should go wake up my mom or just take some more nighttime cold meds.

Hey you know what’s a great idea? If you don’t wanna get the last two episodes of a show on Netflix spoiled don’t read episode descriptions :/

Alexander Skarsgard for Man Of The World, 2013

Alexander Skarsgard for Man Of The World, 2013

Also I wanted to go out again tonight to get drunk but it’s looking like thats not going to happen




jennifer fucking lawrence doesn’t think that bisexual women can have sex with men or have kids, and then referred to bisexuality as a “lesbian phase”



but she said that she likes food! shes so quirky and relatable…

I’m just want some got dang paella why is that impossible to find in this town.

Finally worked up the courage to message this person I’ve been interested in basically since we met 5 years ago and have only seen each other a handful of times since the class we had together. Whoo time for jess’ insecurity hour to begin

How do you tell someone they make you so angry but you can’t stand to not be around them at the same time


Cas’ letter to Dean from Twist and Shout.

I rly do not wanna be at work I wanna be in bed crying over the fact that there are still tickets left for a P!atD/FoB show near me but I don’t have the money to go bc I’m bad a planning these things.




//whispers goodbye i’m done

here is the vide if anyone wants to see

all of the comments are in support of this it’s atrocious

wtaf man



Thank you Anthony V Flytrap for sharing your clawsome find! Swim class wave two located in Fremont, Indiana at Justice for $15 each after the 40% off discount.

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